Town hall

Through the industrial development in Blumenthal and the incorporation of Lüssum, Bockhorn and Neurönnebeck the number of residents had increased quickly.

It was also the fact that the management companies could no longer work properly in the offices available at the time because of a lack of space.
The management companies were then housed in an annex of the Ebberfeld house in the then so-called Lange Straße.

Because of the lack of space, the house of master baker Warnke provided rooms, until this also became insufficient. When this was the case, a meeting was called to proceed with the construction of a new administration building.

The properties on which the administration usually took place were bought up.

Then, in December, the proposals for the new town hall were approved, and just eight months later, in July 1908, the cornerstone ceremony took place.
In the year 1910, the new town hall was ready, and the administration of Blumenthal could continue there.

The building stands empty since the summer of 2016.

The local exchange is in the former BWK-arcades, in the Landrat-Christians-Straße 99a, 28779 Bremen.

Moreover, as is widely known, the Bürgeramt is located in Vegesack, at the Sedanplatz.

The town hall requires restructuring, the planning for this is currently ongoing.

Source: Blumenthal-meine Heimat (Blumenthal-my home) by Alfred Tietjen & complemented /updated By Jan-Ole Sell


Landrat-Christians-Straße 107
28779 Bremen