The ‘Sattelhof’ is the oldest homestead in Blumenthal and is mentioned first in 1304, as it was given as „Vorborch (outer bailey) tho Blomendale“ as a fiefdom to the squire Cord Steding.
In 1470, his son Karsten sells the free Sattelhof „geheten de Borchwall, (called the hill fort) so de bowen in Blomendale belegen“ for 125 Bremen marks to the churchwarden Hohann Steding and the Bremen citizens Arend Steding and Heinrich Vreyen.
In 1579, the Burgwall belonged to the Bremen mayor Karsten Steding and his brother Gerhard.
His heir is at first Steding’s widow Köneke von Borken and, in 1628, their son Arnold Steding.
Karsten’s daughter Rebecca sells „das freye Gut zu Borchwalle” (the free estate of Borchwalle) to the Council of the City of Bremen and thus to the House of Blomendal for 600 Reichstaler.
It is granted from the Blomendale House by a steward who is obliged to pay interest and to keep a watchful eye on the property.

It was not until 1839 that the property was acquired by purchase from the former steward Johann Burgwall, enabled by the newly introduced Redemption Act.
He stayed unmarried and childless and bequested the farm to his sister Lücke Bürgwall‘s son-Diedrich Krudop.
His successor Hinrich Krudop (married to Mathilde Schulken in 1877) continued to run the brewery and the summer inn on Burgwall for a short time.
In 1882, he sold the approximately 30-hectare property to the Bremen shipowner and consul Olmann Thyen for 72.000 gold marks.
The property was bought back in 1927 and 1936 by the municipality of Blumenthal.

Quelle: Blumenthal-meine Heimat von Alfred Tietjen