Why this foundation?
About 5-million years ago, our humanoid ancestors began to descend from the trees.
Later on, they learnt to move through their hunting grounds in groups.
Searching for tracks, spotting huntable game, setting out on the trail and driving the prey animal to total fatigue with a slow run.
They resisted faster predators thanks to superior force of community.
Their way to move is deep in our genes. With the departure from the Stone Age way of life of hunter-gatherers, movement patterns changed.
A settled lifestyle led to new forms of movement. The principle of faster, higher, further took the place of social patterns of running, throwing and living.

Our next, 4.0, generation does not want to remember this.
With the aid of pseudo-emotional, various informational contact mediators they seem to be on their way to the future.
If, in the middle of their lives, their Stone Age origins try to come back, they have already lost their running course through life.

To prevent this, it is necessary to bring the children and young people of our time back into the world of diversity of movement by means of a powerful emotional background life.
Children and young people who spend part of their spare time in the athletic exercise garden in Bremen-Nord grow up healthy.
They are therefore more adaptive, more social, more courageous, more determined, more creative…Foundation project Kinder vom Löh (Children of the Löh)

Aims of the foundation:

  • Let children run, jump and throw
  • Promote daycare centres and schools
  • Promote ‘fittie’ in schools
  • Liven up the exercise garden in the Löh
  • Promote ideas for movement
  • Win over the DLV for these ideas

The Foundation buildup is based on preliminary work:

1. LGN idea
2. Exercise Garden in the Löh
3. Decathlon ‘fittie‘
4. Impulse ‘The schoolyard, a place for movement’.

The athletic movement should take in children emotionally.
The movement forms of running, throwing and jumping are to be revived in their original form for this purpose.
Children have thus the opportunity to grow up healthier.
The aim is to promote a lifestyle with movement among young people, from early childhood on.

W.H. Brand


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