The Bunker belongs as a special air-raid bunker of the navy to a series of at least ten structurally identical objects in Germany, able to regularly house 1400 men on average.
Two modified specimens are situated in Kiel and in Schweinfurt (already demolished).

Bunker C 178, this designation will most likely come from post-war times, was begun at the end of 1943 and completed in mid-1944.
The designation was “Shipyard Bunker 1400”.

The bunker is similar to regular Kriegsmarine troop crew bunkers, one of which (Troop Bunker 750) stands covered with white sheet metal a few metres west of Bunker C 178.
The bunker was exclusively a shelter for Bremen Vulkan workers. Another structurally identic bunker was situated in Bremen near the submarine bunker building site Hornisse (Hornet).

Today, the upper part of bunker C178 is used by the music association Kulturbunker Vulkan e.V, which offers around 20 bands the opportunity for rehearsals.


Bunker C178
Am Werfttor 10
28755 Bremen

Musikverein Kulturbunker e.V.
Andreas Brede
Kreinsloger 39
28779 Bremen

Phone: 0421 – 60 07 776
or 0421 – 47 85 957
Mail: vulkanbunker@gmx.de

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