Credit: Miklas Wrieden

DOKU Blumenthal
Documentation and culture centre

The DOKU is a vibrant centre with a mixture of practical creativity of laypersons to arty talks from professionals of its own.

It is kept this way by the interaction of people with each other and not least because of various cooperations.

The rich programme offer for a wide range of interests, from theatre workshops to children’s art projects to cultural tours, is characterised by proximity to the people in the district and an all-pervading workshop character.

The DOKU is a place “with side effects” that has gained a firm place in the consciousness of local residents, as a meeting place for the most diverse groups as well as a well-founded research aid for those interested in history and simply also as a venue for events.

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Dokumentationszentrum Blumenthal e. V.
Heidbleek 10
28779 Bremen

Phone: 0421 – 60 39 079
fax: 0421 – 60 39 079

Kim-Nikoline Kraul und
Johanna Schwarz

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