The Schönebecker Aue, or simply known to many as the Aue, is a Geest (sandy heathland) stream that springs in the Lange Heide in Lower Saxony and flows into the Weser in Vegesack. As a whole, the Aue is 17,7 kilometres long, but only the last 3,1 kilometres are located in Bremen.

The Aue, as already said, springs in Lower Saxony in Osterholz-Scharmbeck. From there the water flows through the Bremer Schweiz, (a hilly Geest landscape bordering on Osterholz) and then directly across the state border into the lowland meadows around Schönebeck Castle, which is why this area is also called the Auental (Aue valley), where the stream has been dammed to form a pond that surrounds Schöenebeck Castle in the shape of a crescent.

It was done to regulate the water level of the castle pond and was contributing to a water mill.

On another spot, at the confluence of the Aue with the stream Beke, there is the Blomendal House, which was rebuilt in 1354 after it had to be pulled down in 1305.

Finally, the Aue runs in the direction of Vegesack and flows through a tube system into the Weser. It is notable that the Aue was slightly modified in some places, e.g., the pond at the Schönebeck castle, and that it constitutes an insurmountable barrier for migrating fish. So, conservationists have thought about it and found a solution to this problem by building a kind of “bypass channel” around the pond.

This means that there is a small channel running around the pond, so that the fish do not lose their way, at least this is the idea behind it. Another problem for the fish is, however, the Aue estuary, which, after all, flows into the Weser through a pipe system and makes it impossible for the fish to swim all the way down the Aue.

A solution for this has not already been found and it is consists to be a problem.

Quelle: Wikipedia