The idea to build a harbour in the Weser River already existed in 1840, but was only implemented decades later because, at that time, the course of the Weser was very sluggish and its tributaries therefore silted up very quickly.

It was decided 1864 at a meeting of the committee members of Blumenthal, Rönnebeck and Lüssum that a landing place in Rönnebeck before Wieting‘s brewery should be built, at the expense of the municipalities. Just four years later, it was also decided to build a loading and unloading place and, in the interest of the customs officer who was in charge at the time, a guard house. In 1873, the harbour was completed and the loading and unloading place was extended to the Weser fairway.

A bulwark for the Rönnebeck harbour was built first in 1873, but it went only around the loading and unloading place.
This bulwark was made of wood and therefore damaged relatively fast and had to be repaired again at the end of the 19th century.
This was also only a temporary solution until a company decided to completely rebuild the bulwark. At the same time the harbour basin was extended by 3 metres.

Quelle: Blumenthal-meine Heimat von Alfred Tietjen


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